Održi SE (ENG. BE SustainABLE)

More and more children and students in their everyday life are moving away from the concepts of sustainable development. Whether it is spending time in the nature or a sense of self-sufficiency and independence of children, research indicates a deficit of educational content and everyday experiences in children, which will naturally convey the principles of sustainability.

ODRŽI SE (BE SUSTAINABLE) is a project which creates and implements a practical curriculum of sustainable development in regular classes. So far, there has been established cooperation with more than 20 primary schools in the city of Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County, whose students have directly participated in some form of activity (workshops, interactive lectures and research).

Through the activities, students have the opportunity to experience the topics of sustainable development (ecology, social justice, economy and innovation) and in that way adopt the principles and values which are necessary for a more sustainable everyday life. While inspired and strengthened by self-confidence, they are more willing to tackle topics in personal practice.

Organic food production, team collaboration and a relationship based on trust, composting and soil conservation, making wooden objects and toys, making objects from recycled materials, non-violent communication, camping and navigating in nature are just some of the innovative workshops conducted as a part of this project. Teachers are involved in the planning of workshops and in this way the activities are correlated cross-curricular, and therefore regular classes are enriched.

Throughout the project a curriculum for practical teaching of sustainable development is being created, which will be verified and whose implementation will be possible in all interested primary schools in Croatia.

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