Parents together

Every parent at some point in their life encounters challenges in raising their child and needs support. Today’s dynamics of life impose more and more challenges, often leaving parents to fend for themselves and face those challenges on their own.

Parents together is a project aimed at providing support to parents, families, guardians and future parents through strengthening the parenting and pedagogical competencies of students and networking of parents. So far, over 1000 participants have gone through a series of trainings. Parents and future parents are empowered through professional seminars, practical workshops, parent forums and web education. Participants are empowered with knowledge and skills, but also with self-confidence, in order to be able to face contemporary pedagogical challenges.

The pedagogical mentors of the seminar are Godi Keller (world-renowned pedagogical expert and head of the International School for Parents) and Slavica Bašić (long-time head of the Department of Pedagogy at the University of Zadar and founder of the EOS Center for Experiential and Relational Pedagogy and founder of the Waldorf Pedagogy Institute).

The project involves many other experts in the field of Waldorf, experiential, relational and health pedagogy, psychology, art therapy, eurythmy and other disciplines.

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Sustainable school – a school of sustainable living

Sustainable school – a school of sustainable living is a project intended for the inclusion of young people in the community through sustainable development activities. ‘’Klica’’ (‘’Sprout’’) was created as an informal group of young people and volunteers, which gives the opportunity for young people to spend their free time constructively, offering education in the field of permaculture and sustainable development.

Through research and experiential work on topics such as zero-waste lifestyle, eco-farming, soil improvement and enrichment, permaculture garden planning, community permaculture, making natural cosmetics, making custom items out of natural materials etc. young people have the opportunity to raise the quality of life in the local community.

So far, more than 50 young people and volunteers have participated in the ‘’Klica – School of Sustainable Living’’ education. This project is implemented in partnership with the association Ospera (Osijek permaculture activists) and Eco Center Latinovac in cooperation with Zero waste Croatia.


P.A.N. – prevention, activity, non-violence

P.A.N. aims to provide support to public kindergartens for the prevention of violence and undesirable behaviors among children through using innovative pedagogical approaches.

In partnership with Kindergarten Osijek, we conduct a one-year training in the field of experiential pedagogy for 20 employees and implement the application of experiential pedagogy in the everyday work of kindergartens.

For kindergarten groups of children we organize field classes in the Classroom of Sustainable Development, where with experiential approach and without moralizing we learn to observe nature and care for it, as well as learn about cooperation, participation, respect for each other’s needs and nonviolent action.

There is also an educational web platform being developed, which will include examples of good practice and enable the multiplication of content and methods throughout Croatia and beyond.


Vrtlarenjem rastem i ja

With gardening I grow is a project aimed at sensitizing all educational stakeholders of primary schools in the city of Osijek (students, teachers, professionals and parents) on the importance of applying the principles of sustainable development in the educational process.

Interactive lectures and workshops transfer knowledge and skills related to the topic of sustainable development and arouse students' interest in dealing with the topic of sustainable development.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Association for Youth Work - Breza and in cooperation with primary schools in the city of Osijek.

The project is sponsored by the City of Osijek and Osijek-Baranja County.

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