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Waldorf teacher training

Every upbringing begins with self-education. It is one of the starting points of Waldorf pedagogy and relates to lifelong education, training and personal development.

The three-year training of Waldorf pedagogy is realized in the form of a weekend module at the Institute for Waldorf Pedagogy in Zagreb. So far, we have motivated dozens of students to attend Waldorf studies, and regardless of the motive for enrollment, the study has enriched everyone's daily life and educational approach.

The course is intended for:

• teachers, educators, professional associates and students in search of creative and inspiring professional development

• parents who want to understand the child better and help him develop his capacities and potentials

• to all those interested in the topics of human and child development and comprehensive teaching in accordance with the developmental needs of the child

• to all individuals who want to think and act in the world in a more creative, humane, sensitive, spiritual, beautiful and responsible way

• anyone who aspires to be artists of life, creative teachers and educators, more aware parents or to acquire a new kind of sensibility to work with people in general.

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