Family games

Family games bring together many families and citizens 4 times a year. They are related to the traditional holidays of Easter, St. John's Day, St. Michael's Day and Christmas. Songs, games, dances, food and other customs are all part of these festivals.

Culture is an important element in the upbringing of children, as well as an opportunity for active family participation in the cultural life of the community.

The most important part is, of course, the meeting itself and pleasant socializing, which often brings new acquaintances and common ideas.

Children, parents and other family members walk on stilts, go through a maze of trust, look for hidden eggs, jump in sacks, walk around bonfires, sing traditional songs and listen to holiday stories…


Fairytale festival

Fairy tales have always been an archetypal wisdom by which older generations conveyed messages to younger generations.

The Fairytale Festival is designed to satisfy the hunger for imagination, stories, heroes and wise lessons, both in children and adults.

This unique and educational festival provides various activities, all the way from unique storytelling and workshops for making characters from fairy tales from wool and felt, to the way to professional pedagogical seminars for adults.

Jasna Held, well-known as the best Croatian narrator and connoisseur of folk tales, is an expert associate of the festival.