International program

The Waldorf School in Osijek is the holder of an internationally recognized program, which is implemented by over 1500 schools around the world and has its quality of work proven and recognized. 
The Waldorf School in Osijek will start operating in September 2021. We will enroll students in the 1st grade and preschool. The school is located in the city center, at the address L. Jägera 6. Near the school there is a school garden with a classroom in nature.

The establishment and operation of the Waldorf Schools in Osijek was supported by the Association of Waldorf Institutions and Initiatives of the Republic of Croatia, Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners (International Waldorf Organization based in Berlin) and Waldorf Steiner European Council for Education (based in Brussels).

The Waldorf School in Osijek will implement the Waldorf program in accordance with the Protection of Names, Preservation of the Identity and Reputation of Waldorf Pedagogy in the Republic of Croatia.


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The school’s work will be based on the curriculum for the primary Waldorf school, approved by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia.

In addition to the regular elementary school program, we offer the Preschool program (complete preparations for school) and we organize an extended stay for students of our school, according to the principles of Waldorf pedagogy.

The Waldorf School in Osijek is primarily an opportunity for parents who want for their children to have more humane, healthier and a comprehensive education, which is in synch with human needs and the demands of society.