Our team
Iskra's team consists of numerous experts from the field of educational sciences (educators, teachers, pedagogues, psychologists) and related disciplines (eurythmy, art therapy, bothmer gymnastics, etc.). What we have in common is the application of innovative pedagogical approaches, with an emphasis on Waldorf pedagogy.

An important part of our team are active parents, who want a better education for their own children as well as the other children. Volunteers from many areas selflessly contribute to our work. We all share a common wish for accomplishing a more humane quality of life and applying enthusiasm in our efforts.

ISKRA waldorf Osijek waldorfska škola waldorfski vrtić


 If you are interested in working with children, in our Association you can volunteer as an assistant in the preventive-therapeutic program with children of kindergarten and school age through Waldorf workshops for kindergarteners, graphomotor development workshops for preschoolers and art workshops for preschoolers. You can meet or deepen your knowledge of permaculture, sustainable and ecological development in our Sustainable Development Classroom. If you are a good in English language, you can be part of a team for translating scientific and educational articles from English to Croatian.

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