Eurythmy in Waldorf Community in Osijek


Eurythmy in Waldorf Community in Osijek

Project partners:

-“Iskrica” (craft for babysitting according to the principles of Waldorf pedagogy)

-Waldorf School in Osijek


Total project value: € 1,890.00


The project is co-financed by: Iona Stichting


Project implementation period: September 2021 – June 2022


The project goal:

Improving the quality of life of children and their parents through the implementation of innovative pedagogical ideas and supporting parents in overcoming everyday challenges in education.


Target groups:

15 children of kindergarten age (3-7 years), 10 children of school age (7-9 years), 50 parents, 2 educators, 3 teachers



18 eurythmy workshops lasting 36 hours