A program for the holistic development of the child

The program for the holistic development of the child enables a continuous workshop program for children of kindergarten, preschool and younger primary school age.

In the implementation of activities we are being guided by the approaches of Waldorf, experiential and relational pedagogy, in order to cover all of the needs of children. With preventive-therapeutic contents and methods, we look back at socio-emotional and sensory-motor needs as well as  the increasingly present dependence on digital technologies.

Within the Program, the support to parents is also provided through parent forums and professional workshops. We organize professional education about innovative pedagogical approaches, and in that way we provide support for educators and institutions in public education of children.



Star garden

Fairy garden

Little school

Colorful garden


Sustainable development classroom

Our Classroom of Sustainable Development, that we like to refer to as ‘’Zemljica’’, is located in the suburb called Tvrđavica, about 10 minutes walk from the Osijek pedestrian bridge.

It was created out of idea of providing children, students and families with as much experiential learning as possible, which is in itself the most natural way of learning. Gazebo with about 20 seats, a well with a mechanical pump, more than 10 raised beds, wooden composters, recycling wooden bins, permaculture spiral garden, rockery for herbs, solar wind farm and greenhouse are just some of the didactic contents that are in the educational offer.

Why wouldn’t we enable all students to deal with teaching topics such as ecology, growth and development of plants, soil, ecosystems, sustainable lifestyles etc., in a practical way by coming to the field classes? It is indeed an effective way, and without much external moralizing, for students to develop their own value attitudes on environmental, social and economic issues of sustainable development.

The Sustainable Development Classroom enables the application of inclusive programs, for children and young people of all ages and abilities, and one day a week is reserved for social gardening of children and parents and socializing in a relaxed atmosphere.


Are you going out?

Going out into the world means “coming out of yourself” (opening up), being able to meet others and contribute to the community, and ultimately go out into the new and unknown. These are the components we work on through this program.

With a group of students or young people, we go to an unfamiliar environment in nature and spend two or more days in activities that are used to strengthen our self-confidence and sense of cooperation and planning. Children and young people learn how to set up a camp collaboratively, light a fire, build a natural toilet and refrigerator for groceries, and how to leave the camp without leaving a trace. The camp is interspersed with all kinds of team games, research tasks and artistic activities. If the weather permits, bathing in a nearby lake is included.