Uzbrdo (learning, imagining, choosing, growing, acting sustainable)


Uzbrdo  (learning, imagining, choosing, growing, acting sustainable)

User: NANSEN dialogue centre


Iskra Waldorf Initiative, 10 elementary schools in Osijek – Baranja and Vukovar-srijem counties (Mladost elementary school (Osijek), Tin Ujević elementary school (Osijek), Vladimir Becić elementary school (Osijek), Dalj elementary school (Dalj), Zmajevac elementary school (Zmajevac), Lug elementary school (Lug), BlagoZadro elementary school (Vukovar), SinišaGlavašević elementary school (Vukovar), Vladimir Nazor elementary school (Komletinci), AntuniStjepanRadić elementary school (Gunja)

Total value of the project: 1.168,842,15 kn (from which IskraWaldrof Initiative: 137.500,00 kn)

The project was financed by the funds of:

Office for Cooperation with NGOs (Swiss-Croatian Cooperation fund)

Project implementation period: June 2019 – June 2021

Project objective:

Children, parents and teaching staff of Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem county elementary schools to acquire the principles of sustainable development.

Target groups of beneficiaries: 200 students and 25 elementary school teachers