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sustainable school


sustainable school - sustainable living school


·        Ospera association

·        Latinovac eco-centre

Total value of the project: 162.105,00 kn

The project was co-financed by the funds of:

·        The Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Family and Social Policy of the Republic of Croatia (80.000,00 kn)

·        The City of Osijek (82.105,00 kn)

Project implementation period: January 2020 – December 2020

Project objective: Creating and implementing a continuous sustainable development educational program for the youth, with the purpose of actively including the youth into community life

Target groups of beneficiaries:

·        50 youths (15 – 30 years old) of either sex

·        10 volunteers – youth workers

·        Youth Council of Osijek and Youth Council of Osijek-Baranja County


Activities carried out:

·        6 online “Zero waste –life without waste” workshops

·        4 hands-on sustainable development workshops

·        3 permaculture workshops within permaculture training at Latinovac eco-centre

·        9 project team members and volunteers participated in a natural building course at the Green Network of Activist Groups in Vukomerić

·        20 youths and 10 volunteers linked and connected in an informal sustainable development initiative

·        10 volunteers qualified for further educating the youth about sustainable development

·        a study tour to Latinovac eco-centre – practical permaculture and sustainable living workshops within a three-day training

·        a public discussion, workshop as well as the “Sprout (R)evolution” program presentation

·        movie-watching, covered the topic of biodiversity; a public discussion titled “Why the seed is important”

·        “Sustainable development camp” organized in Jankovac Forest Park, in coordination with Bršljan-Jankovac Mountaineering Association

·        project results presented at the Youth Council of Croatia conference in Osijek

·        the “School of Sustainable Living” project was presented to the next Youth Council of Osijek in order to be implemented into the new Youth strategy

·        “Sprout – school of sustainable living# program included as the representative program for the youth in the educational and promotional video SMGO