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parents together


parents together

Project partner: Betula branch


Total value of the project: HRK 50,000.00


The project is funded by: Central Office for Demography and Youth


Project implementation period: September 2021 – June 2022


The project goal:


General goal:

Supporting working parents and creating psychological resilience by strengthening the pedagogical competences of parent who need help in dealing with the stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Specific objectives:

1.     Establishing support for parents affected by the coronavirus pandemic through the educational cycle “Crisis-resistant parent” conducted by prof. dr. sc. Damir Marinić, Ph.D. Zoran Vargović, health pedagogue Ivanka Katarinčić, international pedagogical expert Godi Keller and experts in Waldorf, relational and experiential pedagogy

2.     Empowering parents through the “Family Games” festival, which employed parents spend their free time constructively with their children, and parents who need psychological help in dealing with stress as a result of the coronavirus pandemic share experiences with a system of mutual support and constructive suggestions from practice

3.     Organizing workshop activities according to the principles of Waldorf, experiential and relational pedagogy entitled “Program for the holistic development of the child”, intended for children of kindergarten, preschool and primary school age, and whose parents are employed

Target groups of beneficiaries:

-children of kindergarten, preschool and early primary school age (3-10 years)

-parents and families

-educational staff



-workshop program (workshops for kindergartens, for preschool children and for children of primary school age)

-educational cycle for strengthening parental competences

-education of educational workers

-Family games

-parents’ online corner – scientific and educational articles on upbringing and parenting (with the possibility of online communication and counseling)