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Workshops with children


FAIRY GARDEN - WORKSHOP FOR kindergarten age

Fairy Garden is a program with elements of Waldorf pedagogy for children aged 3 to 6 years. It is performed once a week for 1.5 h.

The fairy garden contains:

• Program for the complete development of the child (heart-head-hands)

• Warm and inspiring environment

• Healthy and complete snacks

• Toys made of natural materials

• Activities in the yard

• Gentle atmosphere in which free play and guided activities alternate (artistic, handicraft, storytelling, finger games, gesture wheel…)


The content of the program equally encourages physical movement and creativity through free play as well as nurturing imagination and creativity in a mild atmosphere. Activities and materials are designed to respect the individual needs of each child, encourage social interaction, evoke admiration, respect for the world and for each other.

Through active cooperation with parents, a warm environment is created in which children can enjoy the greatest boon of childhood - play.



The Sunny Garden is a program for six-year-olds as additional preparation for starting school.

In a homogeneous group of up to ten children, participants will be provided with all materials and a healthy snack.

The goal is to create an appropriate environment and conditions for the healthy psychophysical development of the child. At the same time, the specific needs are taken into account and the individual potentials of each student are strengthened.

The educational work of the Sunny Garden will enable children to participate in various activities that will be rhythmically repeated.

• Graphomotor exercises and pre-writing exercises are carried out by the activity of drawing forms.

• Development of pre-mathematical skills through the activity of moving mathematics and guided play

• Stimulating the imagination by listening to age-appropriate stories

• Strengthening fine motor skills through manual activity

• Nurturing an artistic sense of musical activity

Parents are invited to visit the Sunny Garden once a month to observe their child at work, connect with other parents, but also get acquainted with the principles of Waldorf pedagogy. It is also possible to have an individual conversation with the activity leader and group planning with the aim of the child's complete development.

At the end of the year, there will be an exhibition of children's works and a group workshop for parents before they start school.

The colorful garden includes creative activities for preschool and school age children up to 4th grade.

A group of five children meet in a quiet environment once a week for an hour. Materials for creative expression are provided during the work.

The aim of the workshop is to get to know new materials as an opportunity for artistic expression, to develop fine motor skills of hands and movements, and to individualize and encourage one's own expression by working in a pleasant atmosphere.

The program activities in the Colorful Garden are adapted to the stated ages. Children work with materials and techniques that develop a sense of space, rhythm, precision and symmetry such as modeling in wax and clay, painting with the special technique using high quality colours and with dry pastels. In addition to the above, they also try embroidery, sewing and knitting, as well as making useful items such as pencil cases, bags, toys, scarves etc.

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